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Aug 24 / admin

And So It Begins

Hi students!

Welcome to the website for your AMS 311, Popular Culture and American Childhood. Right now this is a place for you to find an electronic version of the syllabus; later in the semester, I’ll be posting assignments and resources to help you in your research.

I’ll use this blog as a way to follow up on things we mention in class and share relevant news stories and images. If you see a story or a picture that you think the class should know about, please let me know, and I’ll create an account so you can post it. You should also feel free to comment whenever the mood strikes you.

In the spirit of our class project, the Archive of Childhood, here’s a pic of me, my sister, and my brother on the first day of school in…I think…1982. Note the Cabbage Patch Kid my brother is holding. (The doll came with a birth certificate, which informed us that his name was “Otis Gaston”; my brother just called him “Cabby.”) We will return the question of Boys and Dolls later.


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