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Sep 23 / admin

More About Citations

Enough of you were having trouble with citations in class today that I thought I’d give you a couple of non-Zotero options.

1) Write and format your own citations all by yourself, the old-fashioned way. This involves using a style guide for Chicago Style (here is a link to one online).

In your Word doc, position your cursor at the end of the sentence where you want to insert the citation.

Choose “Insert,” then choose “Footnote.” Choose “Footnote” in the window that pops up (as opposed to “Endnote”), and tell Word to auto-number your footnotes.

You’ll be whisked down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll write your footnote.

Do this by visiting the style guide page I linked to above, with the information about the source you’re citing in hand. Determine what kind of source it is, then follow the Chicago guide, which will tell you how to present all of the information about the source (the metadata, including author, title, place published, date published, pages).

Note that this guide will give you three ways of citing the source: first, it’ll tell you how to footnote the source the first time you cite it; second, it’ll tell you how to footnote the source each additional time you cite it; third, it’ll show you how to format a bibliographic entry for the source, were you to be writing a bibliography (which you don’t have to do for this project).

Three ways of citing one source. You'll be using #1 or #2, which are note style; the third one is for a bibliographic entry.

2) If you want to try another automatic citation generator, there’s Noodlebib, which you can access through the UT Libraries site¬†(you’ll need an EID, and then you’ll create a free account).

Unlike Zotero, Noodlebib won’t insert a citation directly into your Word document. You visit this site, with your citation information in hand, then plug it into a generator; you pick a document type (magazine article, newspaper article, website, book, depending on your document) then a style (Chicago Style, in this case) and the site formats the citation for you.

Again, Noodlebib will give you two options: bibliography form and note form. You’ll be choosing “note form.”

Looks like this:

You’ll insert a footnote into your Word doc, using the method I described above, and then copy-and-paste the “note form” citation that Noodlebib gives you into the footnote field.

Please email me if you have questions. I’m using this first assignment partially as a way to assess your familiarity with citations, so all feedback is good feedback.

Have a good weekend!

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