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Oct 17 / admin

Raiding the PCL/Raiding a Book

From Today’s Powerpoint:

Raiding the PCL:

•Compile a list of desired books & call numbers (ex of a Library of Congress call number: “PS3123 R232 1999″; ex of a Dewey Decimal call number [much less common]: “070.92 M47H”)
•Check PCL Locations Guide (also posted by the 2nd-floor elevator) and find out where your call number is located
•Write book locations next to book names on your list
•Go from top floor to bottom floor – consult floor map on each floor to find the section where your book is located
•Bring a tote bag, like a dork (or a grad student), in case you find books around yours on the shelf that look good
Efficient Raiding of a Book:
•Use table of contents and index to look for your particular theme or subject
•For academic books: read first chapter/introduction first, because that’s where the meaty theory/argument is
•Read beginning of each chapter, because they’ll give you a roadmap to its contents
Also, for your general edification: Branches of the Military. History of the Marines. And the Marines do not have their own academy; students at the US Naval Academy (Annapolis) can choose a special track to qualify as a Marine.

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