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Oct 24 / admin

Amazing Barbie Things You Guys Told Me About


Thanks to Colleen for sending along the link to a news story about a new “edgy” Barbie, sporting tattoos and a pink bob, and to Carol for alerting me to the new Barbie ad campaign, which imagines “Barbie” and “Ken” tweeting at each other, flirting on Foursquare (?), and reconnecting via online dating. It’s the biggest. messiest social media PR grab-bag you can imagine. Watch the video!

Meanwhile, on the “effects” side of things, Madison sent me an article about a plastic surgery addict who tries to make herself look like Barbie. That part’s old news; the article was about the gift that she gave her daughter for her seventh birthday: a voucher for a breast enhancement surgery, later on. (What I want to know is this: what if the daughter turns out to have perfectly fine you-know-whats? Can she redeem the voucher for some other kind of surgery, or just for straight-up cash?)

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