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Nov 7 / admin

End-of-Semester Syllabus Changes

As promised. Also reflected on the Syllabus page. Let me know if you have questions.


Weds 9 – Class Release Day – Watch “Hoop Dreams” on your own (available on Netflix Streaming or Hulu Plus, at the Fine Arts Library, or at I Love Video)

Fri 11 –  Discussion: Sports and Mobility. Read (well, watch) “Hoop Dreams.” Read *Robin D.G. Kelley, Chapter 2, “Looking to Get Paid: How Some Black Youth Put Culture to Work,” from Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!: Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America (1997). We’ll also talk on this day about requirements for paper proposals and final papers. 

Mon 14 – Discussion: The Future. Read Anderson, Feed, pp 1-94;  Nicholas Carr, The Atlantic, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Weds 16 – Discussion: The Future, Cont. Read Anderson, Feed, pp 95-207; Jim Jensen, Pew Research Center, The Better-Off OnlineWe’ll also sign up for paper conferences on this day.

Fri 18 – Discussion: The Future, The End. Read Anderson, Feed, pp 207-end.

Mon 21 – Paper Proposal Due by Email, 5 pm.

Peer Review – Bring Unit 3 Website Entry, Draft 1, to class.

Weds 23 – No Class – Thanksgiving

Fri 25 – No Class – Thanksgiving

Mon 28 – Unit 3 Website Entry Due (Draft 2), by Email, 5 pm. Conferences about final paper – class is cancelled, but conferences will be held during class time/office hours, so don’t plan to skip town

Weds 30 – Conferences about final paper (see above)


Fri 2 – Last Day of Classes – Some fun/educational activity TBA.

Weds 7 – Final Paper Due, by Email, 5 pm. 


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