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Oct 26 / admin

Princess Messages?

Floating around the Internet this morning…I saw it via Twitter, where @GeorgeTakei posted it.

For your consideration.

Oct 24 / admin

Amazing Barbie Things You Guys Told Me About


Thanks to Colleen for sending along the link to a news story about a new “edgy” Barbie, sporting tattoos and a pink bob, and to Carol for alerting me to the new Barbie ad campaign, which imagines “Barbie” and “Ken” tweeting at each other, flirting on Foursquare (?), and reconnecting via online dating. It’s the biggest. messiest social media PR grab-bag you can imagine. Watch the video!

Meanwhile, on the “effects” side of things, Madison sent me an article about a plastic surgery addict who tries to make herself look like Barbie. That part’s old news; the article was about the gift that she gave her daughter for her seventh birthday: a voucher for a breast enhancement surgery, later on. (What I want to know is this: what if the daughter turns out to have perfectly fine you-know-whats? Can she redeem the voucher for some other kind of surgery, or just for straight-up cash?)

Oct 19 / admin

Jason Boog’s article, annotated

Boog’s piece, in three parts (thanks, file upload limits), marked up so you can see where he incorporates historical context, academic argument, and other types of evidence.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three 

Oct 17 / admin

Raiding the PCL/Raiding a Book

From Today’s Powerpoint:

Raiding the PCL:

•Compile a list of desired books & call numbers (ex of a Library of Congress call number: “PS3123 R232 1999″; ex of a Dewey Decimal call number [much less common]: “070.92 M47H”)
•Check PCL Locations Guide (also posted by the 2nd-floor elevator) and find out where your call number is located
•Write book locations next to book names on your list
•Go from top floor to bottom floor – consult floor map on each floor to find the section where your book is located
•Bring a tote bag, like a dork (or a grad student), in case you find books around yours on the shelf that look good
Efficient Raiding of a Book:
•Use table of contents and index to look for your particular theme or subject
•For academic books: read first chapter/introduction first, because that’s where the meaty theory/argument is
•Read beginning of each chapter, because they’ll give you a roadmap to its contents
Also, for your general edification: Branches of the Military. History of the Marines. And the Marines do not have their own academy; students at the US Naval Academy (Annapolis) can choose a special track to qualify as a Marine.
Oct 12 / admin

Boys Over Girls

photo by nanny snowflake on flickr; used under Creative Commons license

Here’s the link to the Gallup poll we talked about today in class. Looks like the sample was as follows: “A random sample of 1,020 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.”

Also, I put today’s Powerpoint up in the Resources section – here is the link.

Don’t forget: email me about your topic, and we’ll brainstorm secondary/scholarly sources for you!


Sep 30 / admin

Innocent Juice, plus Syllabus Changes for Next Two Weeks

Sara sent me a link to this British juice company that markets its smoothies under the brand “Innocent.” I like the idea that other juices are, by contrast, guilty.

Next week I’m changing the syllabus a bit, for two reasons that I’ll explain in class. Here is the new reading and discussion schedule for the upcoming two weeks.

Mon 3 – Discussion: Dolls, Part 2. Read Elizabeth Chin, from Purchasing Power: Black Kids and American Consumer Culture (2001) (this is a handout, which you should have by today); Meredith Carroll, “Proposed Day Care Rules in Colo. Would Require Dolls of Different Races,”, July 12, 2011 (in the green packet).

Weds 5 – Discussion: Girls’ Magazines. Read Dawn H. Currie, “Girl Talk: Adolescent Magazines and their Readers,” from The Audience Studies Reader (2003); Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, Chapter 1: “The Rise,” Chapter 3: “Feminism,” Chapter 5: “Girl Culture,” from How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time (2007) (both in the green packet).

Fri 7 – Workshop Day. I’ll be sending you comments on your first website entry by Thursday. Bring your laptops to class, so that we can have a day in which I go around the room & check in with you about the revisions I’ve requested.

Mon 10 – Discussion: Girlfans. Read Barbara Ehrenreich, Elizabeth Hess, Gloria Jacobs, “Beatlemania: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” from The Audience Studies Reader (2003) (in green packet); Melanie Nash and Martii Lahti, “’Almost Ashamed To Say I Am One of Those Girls’: Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Paradoxes of Girls’ Fandom,” in Titanic: Anatomy of a Blockbuster (1999) (this is a handout I’ll give you by the end of next week).

Weds 12: Discussion: Boys in Gangs. Read E. Anthony Rotundo, “Boy Culture,” in Jenkins, 337-362.

Fri 14 – Discussion: Boys and School. Read Ann Ferguson, Chapter 4: “Naughty by Nature,” from Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity (2000) (in green packet).

From Monday, October 17 onward, we’ll be resuming regularly scheduled reading. This means we’ll skip the day on which we were originally scheduled to discuss the topic Boys and Reading.

Sep 23 / admin

More About Citations

Enough of you were having trouble with citations in class today that I thought I’d give you a couple of non-Zotero options.

1) Write and format your own citations all by yourself, the old-fashioned way. This involves using a style guide for Chicago Style (here is a link to one online).

In your Word doc, position your cursor at the end of the sentence where you want to insert the citation.

Choose “Insert,” then choose “Footnote.” Choose “Footnote” in the window that pops up (as opposed to “Endnote”), and tell Word to auto-number your footnotes.

You’ll be whisked down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll write your footnote.

Do this by visiting the style guide page I linked to above, with the information about the source you’re citing in hand. Determine what kind of source it is, then follow the Chicago guide, which will tell you how to present all of the information about the source (the metadata, including author, title, place published, date published, pages).

Note that this guide will give you three ways of citing the source: first, it’ll tell you how to footnote the source the first time you cite it; second, it’ll tell you how to footnote the source each additional time you cite it; third, it’ll show you how to format a bibliographic entry for the source, were you to be writing a bibliography (which you don’t have to do for this project).

Three ways of citing one source. You'll be using #1 or #2, which are note style; the third one is for a bibliographic entry.

2) If you want to try another automatic citation generator, there’s Noodlebib, which you can access through the UT Libraries site (you’ll need an EID, and then you’ll create a free account).

Unlike Zotero, Noodlebib won’t insert a citation directly into your Word document. You visit this site, with your citation information in hand, then plug it into a generator; you pick a document type (magazine article, newspaper article, website, book, depending on your document) then a style (Chicago Style, in this case) and the site formats the citation for you.

Again, Noodlebib will give you two options: bibliography form and note form. You’ll be choosing “note form.”

Looks like this:

You’ll insert a footnote into your Word doc, using the method I described above, and then copy-and-paste the “note form” citation that Noodlebib gives you into the footnote field.

Please email me if you have questions. I’m using this first assignment partially as a way to assess your familiarity with citations, so all feedback is good feedback.

Have a good weekend!

Sep 23 / admin

Turning In Your First Entry on Monday: Logistics

  • Please submit to my email address by 5 pm
  • Use a .doc extension (if using Open Office, do a save-as and choose .doc)
  • Make sure you include your last name in the document’s name (aka, “onionassignment1.doc”)
  • Don’t forget to specify which level of privacy you prefer (details on assignment sheet)
  • Bring the peer review sheet that your partner filled out for you to class on Monday – I’ll collect them then.
Sep 22 / admin

What Kind of Footnote to Choose

Here’s the info I gave you in class yesterday about footnoting your website entry:

Choose the Zotero style “Chicago Manual of Style: Full Note With Bibliography.” This will insert the most possible information in your footnote – good, because we’re not adding bibliographies to these entries.
If you already picked something else, you can change it in “Set Document Preferences” (on your Zotero toolbar, or under the Scroll icon). The same styles selection window will pop up as the one that you see when you insert your first footnote in a document.
Sep 21 / admin

Crazy Candy Fantasy Party

As an addendum to our discussion of junk food and candy in class today, check out this post on Jezebel about an episode of the TLC show “Outrageous Kids’ Parties,” in which a mom spends over $1300 on candy for her son’s preschool graduation. I couldn’t embed the video here, but do click over; this still of a mom-assisted Pixie Stick shotgunning is just the beginning.