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Working with Comments

A few things to know about working with Comments in Microsoft Word.

Comments may appear as soon as you open your file. If they don’t, and you need to see them, navigate to “View,” select “Toolbars,” and select “Reviewing.”

If you don’t see the comments pop up in the right-hand margin, look at the reviewing toolbar that should now be visible at the top of the page; all the way at the left, there’s a drop-down menu, where you can select “Final Showing Markup” in order to see my comments.

Sometimes the right-hand margin of the page can become crowded with comments, and it’s hard to tell which comment pertains to which part of which sentence. There are some subtle cues within Word that you can use to discern which comment is which. Put your cursor in one of the comments. The line connecting the comment to the part of the sentence it’s commenting upon will turn solid, while the other lines connecting other comments remain dotted. Also, the location in your sentence where I inserted the comment will react by highlighting itself a darker shade of (in this case) blue.

Example of a sentence with three comments - in this example, the cursor is in the first comment. Click on this picture to get a close-up view.

When you’re done with a comment, simply click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to get rid of it.

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